Why attend the O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference?

The web and telephony are merging to offer a network with unprecedented potential. Open source, open standards, and commodity bandwidth has released 130 years of pent up telephone innovation. Existing technology is becoming progressively cheaper, new technology is becoming easier to develop, and entirely new forms of communication are emerging.

ETel Reception

ETel captures and telegraphs the excitement around ahead-of-the-curve telephony technologies, bringing together all layers of the telephony community to compare and contrast web telephony technology, business, and culture in a collaborative, spirited environment. ETel highlights the people, projects, and activities pushing the boundaries of what's possible with IP telephony. ETel provides a map of the evolving telephony horizon and gives you the charts you need to navigate the new communication opportunities ahead.

ETel Examines

Can You Hear Me Now?

Who Should Attend

ETel Audience

ETel brings together all of the voices in telephony that need to be heard--from telco VPs to garage hackers, mobile execs to programmers, researchers to venture capitalists, community activists to chief scientists. Sometimes sparks fly, but that's to everyone's benefit.

The enterprise-oriented audience (CxO's and VCs) will gain insight into the next wave of technology bubbling into the industry and how the telephony industry will change in the not-too-distant future, supplanting fear/hesitation with excitement and new resolve.

Programmers and hackers will gain access to business players who can help bring their product to a wider audience and gauge where their project is on the telephony food chain. They'll also have the opportunity to see who else is producing competing/similar products.