RailsConf Overview

RailsConf, co-produced by Ruby Central, Inc. and O'Reilly Media Inc., is the largest official conference dedicated to everything Rails. RailsConf incorporates keynotes, sessions and tutorials and the most innovative and successful Rails experts and companies, providing attendees with examples of business models, development paradigms, and design strategies to enable mainstream businesses and new arrivals to the Web 2.0 world to take advantage of this new generation of services and opportunities.

RailsConf 2007 Features:

  • Four entire days dedicated to Rails
  • A program designed around all levels of expertise from novice to intermediate to advanced
  • The most innovative and sucessful Rails Experts and companies showcased onstage
  • The opportunity to find solutions to the problems those in the trenches are facing
  • A forum for a wide variety of business people seeking to collaborate and solve similar problems
  • A gathering place for the worldwide Rails community, including an important network of experts, alpha geeks and innovators
  • Hands-on and in-depth guides for learning how to best employ rails in a variety of situations
  • Ample opportunity for all participants to connect, contribute and collaborate throughout the event
  • Hear the latest updates, get information and meet the core Rails development team

Who Attends RailsConf?

  • Web developers (independent, startup, enterprise/corporate)
  • Other open source developers seeking to expand their skillset
  • IT managers tracking emerging technologies
  • Tech-savvy entrepreneurs with business ideas looking to implement web-based start-ups quickly in order to assess idea's potential for success
  • Users at every level: new, power, intermediate, advanced, expert
  • Others interested in web technologies and strategic implementation

RailsConf Program Chair

Chad Fowler has been a software developer and manager for some of the world's largest corporations. He recently lived and worked in India, setting up and leading an offshore software development center. He is cofounder of Ruby Central, Inc., a non-profit corporation responsible for the annual International Ruby Conference, and is a leading contributor in the Ruby community. Chad is a contributor and editor for numerous books and is author of the recently released, My Job Went to India (and all I got was this lousy book): 52 Ways to Save Your Job and the upcoming Rails Recipes.

RailsConf Associate Chairs

David A. Black is a long-time Ruby and Rails programmer, author, and trainer. Active in the Ruby world since 2000, David is the author of Ruby for Rails: Ruby techniques for Rails developers, from Manning Publications. He has co-organized numerous Ruby/Rails conferences and spoken at conferences and Ruby/Rails users groups in the United States, Canada, and England. David is the chief author of Ruby's standard scanf library, and the author and maintainer of the official Ruby Change Request site.

Rich Kilmer is the founder of Virginia-based software and services company InfoEther, Inc.. His background includes peer-to-peer software, wireless web, workflow, and pen computing. His current projects make production use of Ruby on several DARPA research projects. He is an active member of the Ruby development community working on Alph, FreeRIDE, RubyGems, RubyJDWP, Jabber4R, and hosts RubyForge.org.

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