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Web 2.0 Expo will feature 7 tracks, each with a variety of sessions and workshops:

Web 2.0 Fundamentals | Web 2.0 Services & Platforms | Web Operations |
Marketing & Community | Design & User Experience | Strategy & Business Models | Products & Services

Web 2.0 Fundamentals

Web 2.0 has many component parts. We'll look at how tagging, community, user-generated content, and other Web 2.0 core fundamentals all work together to deliver a great web site and application. We'll have sessions focusing on VOIP, bit-torrent, location/maps, licensing (CC), identity platforms, and their impact on the Web today.

Workshops in this track:
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Web 2.0 Services & Platforms

The Web has shown us a new way of building and releasing software. Lightweight frameworks with support for standards and interactivity are the chosen weapons of the day. Ajax and Flash provide the interactivity. The frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Django, and Dojo, ease development. Web services (and users) provide (and share) the data. This track is for experienced programmers looking to improve their understanding of the technical ecosystem--what's baked now and what's lurking below the radar.

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Web Operations

Your web app just got Dugg, Slashdotted, Netscaped, and Boingboing'd while you were asleep. Will your site scale? Or fail? Will you even know it's happening? In this track, learn how to scale your site globally using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python) or virtual servers. Discover the best monitoring strategies and the tricks that make sites like Digg and Flickr so successful.

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Design & User Experience

Beyond green and blue with rounded corners, designing for Web 2.0 requires understanding some fundamental shifts in the role and skill set of both graphic designers and user interface designers. Content acts in whole new ways in the world of web services, emergent navigation, mash-ups, metadata, and syndication, and design must be informed by these new interactions. This track will take the basics of good design and user interface and apply them to the world of the new Web, so that experienced designers can update their skills and other Web 2.0 denizens can understand the principles of good design.

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Strategy & Business Models

The Strategy & Business Models track will cover how Web 2.0 companies & services operate from the perspective of the CEO or startup entrepreneur, and also the venture investor and financial analyst. Session topics will include how Web 2.0 tools & technologies are being adopted by today's businesses both large and small, as well as how to build, finance, and grow new Web 2.0 startups from scratch. Particular emphasis will be placed on how new startups compete and survive with existing platform players, and whether users or revenue are more important as foundations.

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Products & Services

Sessions in this track:


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