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About Money:Tech

Technology is transforming money, investing, and Wall Street like no other time in modern history, and the pace of change is accelerating. How can investors and financial managers stay current--and more importantly, gain an edge over competitors? As the boundaries between time zones, date lines, and continents dissolve, what tools most effectively address the challenges of real time money management?

While the financial industry has always been tightly intertwined with technology, that relationship has never been more filled with challenges and opportunities, as recent headlines about exploding "quant" funds demonstrate. Hedge funds, unbeknownst to most people, are actually now havens for geeks and software sorts, with all the consequences you might expect, from Moore's Law's power, to the potential for catastrophic system failures.

And what does that make hedge fund managers? It makes them Wall Street's hackers -- technology-fueled usurpers of the financial status quo.

Money:Tech brings Web 2.0 entrepreneurs to Wall Street, so that the Street can learn from these companies -- and help teach them about new ways to leverage the data they are gathering. Web 2.0 is ultimately about "collective intelligence." So too, of course, are financial markets. But the breakthroughs in Web 2.0, as in financial markets, have often come when a company realizes the overlooked potential in a source of data that was available all along.

Unlike Wall Street firms, which keep their techniques and sources of proprietary advantage close to the vest, many firms focused on consumer internet opportunities have nothing to lose by sharing their insights and their data with those in a position to exploit it.

The drumbeat of new--and better--data sources coming on stream is only just beginning. The technology for extracting meaning from that data is maturing. What other kinds of data are being exposed in today's increasingly networked world that can be the foundation for insight and value creation? That's what this conference intends to showcase.

An intimate, collaborative event that melds thought leadership with practical how-tos led by entrepreneur and VC Paul Kedrosky, the first O'Reilly Money:Tech Conference will:

Money:Tech aims to raise the level of conversation around technology advances in the investment industry, and bring together innovators with established players to compare and contrast tools and ideas. Hedge fund managers, financial entrepreneurs, technologists, academics, investors, equity/financial/investment analysts, and VCs will come together at Money:Tech to push the technology forward.

Sample sessions and topics for Money:Tech include: