One of the best reasons to attend the O'Reilly Conference on Java is the unprecedented gathering of top-notch presenters, leaders, and experts from all avenues of the open source movement. You will find core developers, unique users, and visionaries who will share their knowledge with you to help you solve your computing or programming challenges. You won't find a gathering like this at any other conference

Our Speaker list is growing daily. Please check back regularly to see who we have lined up for you.

Jim Alateras
Project Manager and Technical Lead Jim Alateras works for Intalio Inc, a San Francisco start-up developing a B2B technical platform. He is also the Architect of the OpenJMS project, which has 3 core developers all based in Melbourne Australia. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and has 12 years experience in all aspects of software development. Jim has worked in a range on industries including imaging, wholesale banking, telecommunication and investment. In more recent years he has worked on developing a foreign exchange trading system, digital resource centre, embedded workflow and messaging systems. In the last four years Jim has worked exclusively on Java-based projects and previous to that spent 6 years on C++ projects. Jim lives in Melbourne Australia and telecommutes to work.

Michael Alford
J2EE architect Michael Alford represents the web consulting company, Xqsite, Inc. As a senior member of the Reusable Technologies group, he mentors and harvests projects for reusable components across the company. His current specialties include J2EE security, transactions, design patterns, and whitewater kayaking. In past lives, Michael has led development of real-time financial trading applications in Java at a large bank, consulted on enterprise computer telephony applications, and taught numerous UNIX and software development courses at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Michael holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Gary Baney
As chief technology officer of Flashline.com, Gary Baney manages all software development and technology deployment, including the site's migration to an Enterprise JavaBeans framework. He has over 20 years of system development experience, including marketing and managing systems to the education, healthcare, aviation maintenance and banking industries. Since completing his Master's in management at Northwestern University's J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, he has held several VP Technology positions at Key Bank, served as the chief operating officer of Easter Seal Systems, and the chief operating officer of Computrain. While at Key Bank, Baney engineered the operational support for more than 20 Internet-based products. He is also a professor at Case Western Reserve University lecturing on OOP (Java, C++) and Advances In Information Technology.

Doug Bateman
Middleware Company (http://www.middleware-company.com) vice-president Doug Bateman helps firms by training and consulting with them in XML, EJB, and J2EE technologies. Bateman is a seasoned Java and middleware expert specializing in the Extensible Markup Language (XML), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Mr. Bateman spends his spare time performing independent research in middleware technologies.

Hans Bergsten
Veteren software developer Hans Bergsten has designed and implemented systems for everything from IBM mainframes, through DEC minicomputers, Unix workstation and servers, to PCs, using many different programming languages. Bergsten first came in contact with Object Oriented concepts through Simula in 1985, and has continued to explore this powerful technology in many projects since then using Smalltalk, C/C++ and Java. He developed his first database applications even before SQL was the standard database language, has worked with network based applications since the late eighties, and started to study Java when it was first made public in 1995.

In 1997, Bergsten founded Gefion software to further develop his ideas about network based, platform independent, software systems, such as the all Java, small footprint, servlet and JSP enabled LiteWebServer, and the InstantOnline JSP custom tag library, for development of truly code free JSP database driven web applications.

Bergsten has been a participant in the working groups for the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages (JSP) from when they were formed, and contributes to the development of the Apache Tomcat reference implementation for both specifications as a member of the Apache Jakarta Project Management Committee. He is also a frequent writer of Java articles for web sites and magazines, as well as one of the authors of the popular iProfessional Java Server Programming a (Wrox) book, in addition to the iJavaServer Pages (O'Reilly) book.

Keith Bigelow
Keith Bigelow joined Lutris as the director of product management for Enhydra in January 2000. Prior to Lutris, Keith served as director of product marketing and product management at CRM firm Saratoga Systems and three years at IT infrastructure firm Remedy. Keith spent nine years at development tools vendor Inprise/Borland, with his final role reponsible for Borland's SQL database and Java database connectivity products. Keith has been a speaker at Java One and InformationWeek's IWEEK500, and holds a BA in Mathematics from U.C. Santa Cruz.

Liz Blair
Sun Microsystems Staff Engineer Liz Blair leads the J2EE Blueprints implementation team. Liz has been at Sun Microsystems for eight years and has worked on the J2EE Compatibility Test Suite as well as J2SE.

David Blevins David Blevins is a contributing author to the book Component-Based Software Engineering (Addison-Wesley 2001) and author of a forthcoming Addison-Wesley book on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition. Blevins is also the co-founder of the OpenEJB open source Enterprise JavaBeans container system. In the past, he has also been involved in the development of other Java middleware technologies like the JDBCTM API and Object Serialization for the Java platform. Blevins can be found speaking about EJB and OpenEJB at conferences such the Exolab Sessions, and JavaOne.

Sam Borgeson
Sam Borgeson has been at least vaguely interested in programming all his life. After graduating from college with a degree in physics, but without an immediate desire to start a career in physics, his interest got serious. He worked as an independent contractor doing widely varied work in HMTL, Perl, JavaScript and Java. He was involved in everything from early web demographic studies to a 3-D java applet that showed off Intel's (then new) PIII processing power, and Excite's search capabilities. Out of these contracting engagements, came a more focused interest in the power of server side java. In May 1999 Sam took a job with the e-commerce startup Sparks.com, and was part of a small team of engineers who re-architected and re-wrote the entire site using J2EE technologies and an XML/XSLT based templating system. He focused on the search technology and the dynamic browse tree logic that drives the site's shopping experience. He left Sparks.com in June 2000, and is a co-founder of the consulting group, Carbonfive. Sam spoke at JavaOne 2000 on the use of J2EE technologies in the enterprise.

David Braun David W. Braun received his BS in Mathematics from Indiana University in 1995 and his MS in Computer Science in 1996 from Indiana University where he held an NSF fellowship for intelligent systems during his graduate work. Before joining Delphi Delco Electronics Systems in 1998, he worked for Argonne National Laboratories and Caterpillar. He is a team leader in the Manufacturing Information Systems group, and is a lead system architect for the design of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) systems. David programs in a multitude of languages, and is counting Java amongst one of his new favorites. He is the lead designer of an n-tiered EJB based Manufacturing CIM Framework for the IC Semiconductor Fab . David is the co-leader of Sun's new Java Technology in Manufacturing Community.

Krishna V.S. Chaganti
Krishna V.S. Chaganti has been a professional software developer in J2EE and other distributed technologies for Fortune 500 companies for the last ten years. He is co-author of the book "Building Java Enterprise Systems with J2EE". Krishna has worked with numerous projects as a consultant, mentor, trainer, and architect with Java technologies. Before Java he worked with CORBA/C++ technologies., Krishna graduated with M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from University of Alabama in Huntsville.

David Chappell
Speaker bio is currently unavailable.

David Czarnecki
A computer scientist in the Internet and Software Technology Laboratory at the GE Corporate Research and Development Center in Niskayuna, NY, David Czarnecki is involved with various e-commerce initiatives and projects. In recent months he has become increasingly involved in providing expertise on how to properly internationalize software. Czarnecki holds both B.S and M.S. degrees in computer science.

Jerome Daniel
Jerome Daniel is managing a development team for Intalio to build a scalable and reliable CORBA engine that integrates all technical features providing the solution for distributed interworking. Daniel has a long experience in distributed and scalable middlewares. Previously, he worked on transactional interoperability, Quality of Service management and developed an open source CORBA implementation.

James Duncan Davidson. James Duncan Davidson James Duncan Davidson is a freelance author, software developer, and consultant focusing on Mac OS X and related technologies. He is the author of Running Mac OS X Panther, the coauthor of Mac OS X Panther Hacks (with Rael Dornfest) , the coauthor of Learning Cocoa with Objective-C (with Apple Computer, Inc.), and the coauthor of Cocoa in a Nutshell (with Michael Beam), all published by OReilly Media, as well as publisher of his own web site, x180

Linda DeMichiel
Linda DeMichiel is the specification lead of the Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0 Expert Group under the Java Community Process and an architect in the J2EE Platform group at Sun Microsystems. She has over 15 years of industry experience in the areas of databases, distributed computing, and OO. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Rinaldo Di Giorgio Rinaldo Di Giorgio has been at Sun Microsystems for eight years. In 1995 he provided the infrastructure for the first Java Conference where applets working in Netscape were shown for the first time. Since then he has been developing applications and systems utilizing Java technology especially in in the commerce area using JavaCard and next generation web applications utilizing Brazil Technology. Rinaldo is currently working on P2P applications of Brazil, as well as integration of Brazil Technology with J2ME, PQA, WAP, RMI, JINI and JRMS. Rinaldo writes a column for Java Developers at http://www.javaworld.com. Rinaldo dropped out of CMU to start working with Unix systems in process control in 1977. Rinaldo has a BS and MS in CS from Polytechnic University. In 1991, prior to joining Sun, Rinaldo consulted to JP Morgan's Internet pioneer, David Spector. You can see some of his work at http://www.digiorgio.com.

Anne Dirkse
Anne Dirkse is a Java instructor. She began her programming career creating courseware for the University of Colorado. Her subsequent projects included an Intranet and training site for GTE and the portal site for US WEST.net. She began teaching programming-related courses in 1997, for companies such as Sun Microsystems, America West Airlines, Lucent Technologies, Teradyne, and Southern California Edison. Her current area of interest is Jini, and she is currently doing work with the Jini installation and setup program at jini.org. Anne lives in Boulder, Colorado. When she's not in front of a computer, Anne enjoys reading Latin and, of course, skiing.

Rob Englander
Rob Englander is Principal Engineer and President of MindStream Software, Inc. (www.mindstrm.com), a firm specializing in custom software development using Java technologies. His focus is in the areas of component architectures and distributed systems. Some of his recent work includes the development of a lightweight Java Message Service implementation for use on embedded systems. He is currently working on a peer to peer message oriented framework built around Sun's Brazil technology. Rob is also the author of O'Reilly's book "Developing Java Beans".

He also has extensive experience in C++, COM, and ActiveX on multiple Windows platforms. Rob has developed a runtime extensible framework in COM that has been used successfully many times for MindStream clients.

Prior to forming MindStream Software, Rob was a senior software architect at Reuters, where he was a member of the R&D team that developed leading edge technologies for use in Reuters real-time financial workstations. He was also involved in the development and deployment of a variety of Reuters applications.

James Farley James Farley
James Farley is a computer scientist, IT manager and author. He's worked at the GE Research and Development labs and has headed the IT engineering group at The Harvard Business School. Farley is also the author of Java Distributed Computing and co-author of Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, both published by O'Reilly and Associates, and is a lecturer for the Harvard Extension School.

Nancy DG Glenn
After receiving her MS from Purdue University in 1989, Nancy DG Glenn spent 9 years running her own business as a freelance programmer/project consultant for a number of corporations, including Epson, CastleRock Entertainment, McDonnell Douglas, Fireking and Huntington labs. She has worked for Delphi Delco Electronics Systems for 3 years in the Manufacturing Information Systems group in roles as varied as DBA, Interface Designer, Web Master, System Architect and Team Leader. She has been working with object oriented technologies since 1988, and is currently working on the design and coding of an n-tiered EJB based Manufacturing CIM Framework for the IC Semiconductor Fab. She is the co-leader of Sun's new Java Technology in Manufacturing Community.

Edwin Goei
Edwin Goei is an engineer with Sun Microsystems where he currently works on Java and XML technologies. Among other projects, he has previously worked on Java virtual machines and X Window servers.

Jack Greenfield
Jack Greenfield is Chief Architect of the Rose Business Unit of Rational Software Corporation, supplier of the industry's leading e-business development platform. Mr. Greenfield is a recognized expert in component, model and pattern based technologies and their application to the automation of application development and deployment. He is an author and active contributor to component, model and pattern based standards, including UML, MOF, the J2EE architecture and UML Profiles for J2EE, EAI and other technologies. Before joining Rational, Mr. Greenfield was Founder and Chief Technical Officer of InLine Software Corporation, a supplier of tools and application frameworks for J2EE based application development and deployment. Earlier, he developed application infrastructures for Global 2000 customers, applying component, model and pattern based technologies using Java and OpenStep, including the Enterprise Objects Framework from NeXT.

William Grosso
After getting a masters in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley, William Grosso got serious about professional programming. He has been building distributed applications since the early 90's and has been programming in Java for 5 years. After a 3 year stint as a researcher at Stanford University, he is back in the private sector, working as a Principal Engineer at Hipbone Software Inc.

Dr. Marc J. Hadley
Dr. Marc J. Hadley is the Chief Engineer for Chrystal Software in Europe. He has 10 years of experience in technical software development, mainly in the areas of communications and distributed systems. Marc has spent the last 3 years working on the design and implementation of SGML and XML component management systems.

Stuart Halloway Stuart Halloway Stuart Dabbs Halloway is a co-founder of Relevance, LLC. He is the author of Component Development for the Java Platform. Halloway regularly speaks at industry events including the No Fluff, Just Stuff Java Symposiums and the Pragmatic Studio.

Elliotte Rusty Harold
Speaker bio is currently unavailable.

Mark Herring
Mark Herring is responsible for product positioning and overall marketing strategy for Sun's Forte Tools. This group is pioneering new business practices to better serve the development community, including the release of open source integrated development environments (IDEs), modular tool products from Sun and third parties, and a Web portal for product sales and distribution. Herring joined Sun Microsystems in October 1999 as a result of Sun's Acquisition of Forte Software. Prior to joining Forte, he was product marketing manager for Oracle's client/server tools (Developer/2000 and Designer/2000). Previously at Oracle, he was manager of the Tools Technical Support Group. Earlier in his career, he served as an IS consultant for Infomet, a CASE products firm, and as a project manager for a major international bank. Herring holds a B.S. degree in mathematics from the University of Witwaterstrand of South Africa.

Grant Holland
Grant Holland has 29 years of experience in the computer industry, primarily in the areas of mainframe operating system development, enterprise system performance analysis and modeling, distributed middleware product development, and distributed systems architecture and development. Grant has worked for several system vendors, including Sperry, Unisys, Data General, Cincom Systems and Sun Microsystems, Inc. Currently, Grant is Senior Java Architect for Sun Microsystems emphasizing J2EE and general distributed enterprise systems.

Jason Hunter Jason Hunter Jason Hunter is Principal Technologist with Mark Logic, specializing in large-scale XML content manipulation using XQuery. He's the author of "Java Servlet Programming" (O'Reilly Media) and the creator of the JDOM open source project for Java-optimized XML manipulation.

Tyler Jewell
Speaker bio is currently unavailable.

Gregor Kiczales
Speaker bio is currently unavailable.

Jonathan B. Knudsen Jonathan B. Knudsen
Jonathan B. Knudsen is the Courseware Writer for LearningPatterns.com. Previously, he worked as an author for O'Reilly & Associates. His books include Java 2D Graphics and The Unofficial Guide to LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots. He works in his home with his wife and four children.

Heather Kreger
Heather Kreger represents IBM as an active, contributing member of the Java Management eXtensions (JSR0009) Expert Group. Her years in lead positions on the development teams of Automated Network Operations/MVS and Netview/AIX combined with her development experience on the Lotus Domino Go Webserver and WebSphere Application Server products gives her unique insight into the problems and solutions for managing e-business. Heather has contributed to the specification, reference implementation, and compatibility test suites for the FCS of the JMX Reference Implementation. Heather is also involved in The Open Group Management Program, the DMTF Application Management Work Group, and the CIM/WBEM JSR.

Eric Lefebvre
Eric Lefebvre, Ph.D., has spent many years developing enterprise-wide models, for both research projects and consulting practice. He evaluated generic business models to build efficiently Enterprise-wide Information Systems Architecture and developed methods, techniques and tools to reuse them. He is Peter Coad’s co-author of ‘Java Modeling in Color with UML: Enterprise Components and Process’. He is currently a Coad-Certified Mentor, in TogetherSoft Professional Services department. He also participates in product development, to define how Together can facilitate the reuse of enterprise components and analysis patterns.

David Lewis
David Lewis is currently the lead Java instructor and courseware writer for Enterprise JavaBeans at LearningPatterns.com. He first started working on large-scale transactional business systems in 1989 at Texas Instruments where he worked on the IEF, later renamed COOL: Gen. IEF was an ambitious product that automated the Information Engineering methodology for developing large-scale transactional business systems. In recognition of his contributions to the product, his peers elected him to the position of Member, Group Technical Staff in 1994. In 1997, Sterling Software acquired the software division of Texas Instruments and David became a lead developer on COOL: Joe, an EJB development tool. Through his work on COOL: Joe, he gained extensive experience in J2EE and EJB. David holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma and is a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java2

Dr. Jyh-Han Lin Dr. Jyh-Han Lin is a Senior Member of Technical Staff and Software Architect of iDEN Subscriber Group, Motorola Inc. He joined Motorola in 1992 as a Staff Engineer at the Applied Research in Boynton Beach, FL, where he contributed to the development and simulation of new 2-way paging protocols. In late 1994, He joined Advanced Messaging System Division in Forth Worth, TX, where he led the development of high-capacity multiple-protocol RF Controller products, initially as the lead software architect and later as the chief product architect. Jyh-Han joined iDEN Subscriber Group in Plantation, FL, in mid-1997 and leads and participates in many corporate wide technology initiatives. He is one of the founding technical members of WAP Forum and has co-edited the session layer protocol and contributed to security layer protocol. He currently leads iDEN J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) product and application development. Dr. Lin is a Motorola Distinguished Innovator and has won Motorola Global Standard Impact Award 3 times. He currently holds 22 US patents and has a dozen of technical publications. He received Ph.D. and MS degree in Computer Science from Brown University, Providence, RI, and BS in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Thomas Liou Thomas is a Senior Consultant and Manager of Skills Development for Valtech Technologies, Inc. - an international e-business consulting company with its North American headquarters in Dallas. He has been working extensively with Java and EJB for several years, has presented at conferences such as JavaOne, and is a Sun certified Java Programmer.

Kenneth K. Lui
Speaker bio is currently unavailable.

Ed Lyons Ed Lyons is a senior consultant at netNumina, a consulting firm specializing in custom enterprise applications. Ed has eight years experience in Java development and has designed and developed many J2EE apps using open source components. He has spoken at previous O'Reilly conferences on open source and enterprise Java.

Kris Magnusson
Kris Magnusson is the director of developer relations at Invisible Worlds and the coauthor of Java Enterprise in a Nutshell.

Qusay Mahmoud Qusay Mahmoud
Qusay H. Mahmoud provides Java consulting and training services. He has published dozens of articles on the Java programming language, including the MIDP and Palm programming articles for Sun Microsystems Java Developer Connection. He moderates the Device Programming and Java in the Enterprise forums for ITWorld.com. Qusay is the author of Distributed Programming with Java (Manning Publications, 1999).

Anne Thomas Manes Anne Thomas Manes Anne Thomas Manes is the Chief Technology Officer at Idoox, the Web Services Infrastructure Company. Anne is a frequent speaker at trade shows, author of numerous articles, and a participant in Web services standards development efforts at W3C and UDDI. Before joining Idoox, Anne was Director of Market Innovation at Sun Microsystems where she explored innovative ways to apply technology to create new solutions. Before joining Sun, Anne was a senior analyst with the Patricia Seybold Group, and editor-in-chief of "Distributed Computing Monitor", a monthly newsletter. Anne developed her expertise working in field service, education, system administration, development, product management, and technical evangelism at a number of the world's leading hardware and software companies. You can reach Anne via e-mail at atm@idoox.com.

Floyd Marinescu
Floyd Marinescu is Senior Architect at The Middleware Company (http://www.middleware-company.com), which helps firms by training and consulting with them in XML, EJB and J2EE technologies. Floyd is a server-side middleware expert, specializing in the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Floyd designed and implemented TheServerSide.com, the new J2EE community based on an EJB architecture, and enjoys participating with the community and tracking the business aspects of the Middleware industry.

Glen Martin Glen Martin had a brilliant career in engineering, but gave it up and is now Director of Product Management at SpikeSource, where he is responsible for product definition and planning, and is also involved in messaging, evangelism, and customer- and market-research. Over a 17 year career in high tech, he has held development, consulting, product management and marketing roles in product areas including expert systems, remote sensing, telecommunications, developer tools, and middleware. A marketing oddity, Glen has run his laptop on Debian for over 4 years.

Brett McLaughlin Brett McLaughlin
Brett McLaughlin works as Enhydra strategist at Lutris Technologies and specializes in distributed systems architecture. He is author of Java and XML (O'Reilly). He is involved in technologies such as Java servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans technology, XML, and business-to-business applications. Along with Jason Hunter, he recently founded the JDOM project, which provides a simple API for manipulating XML from Java applications. He is also an active developer on the Apache Cocoon project, EJBoss EJB server, and a co-founder of the Apache Turbine project. Brett is currently working on his second O'Reilly book, Building Enterprise Java Applications, and the second edition of Java and XML. You can contact him at brett@newInstance.com.

Gregory Messner
Speaker bio is currently unavailable.

Jason Monberg
A native of Silicon Valley, Jason Monberg grew up programming BASIC on the Apple II. His interest in engineering flourished when he attended Wesleyan University, spending too much time in the electronic music lab writing digital sound filters in C while taking traditional computer science coursework. Jason returned to the Bay Area in 1995 where he immediately began working in the web space focusing on backend systems developed with Perl, Java, Oracle, and MSSQL on Unix and NT platforms. He worked for several small companies while also doing independent consulting. Ultimately was recruited into the CKS Enterprise group where he worked for clients such as IBM and Levis. Jason left to co-found and act as the CTO of Sparks.com, a venture backed e-commerce company. He built and led the technology team for two years as they developed one of the first complete EJB and Servlet based e-commerce systems. He is currently a co-founder and President of carbonfive, a San Francisco based enterprise systems consulting group. He has spoken at JavaOne and Builder.com.

Scott Oaks
Scott Oaks is a member of the .com technology region at Sun Microsystems, where he has worked since 1987. While at Sun, he has specialized in many disparate technologies, from the SunOS kernel to network programming and RPCs to the X Window System to threading. Since early 1995, he has primarily focused on Java and bringing Java technology to end users; he writes a regular column on Java solutions for The Java Report. Around the Internet, Scott is best known as the author of olvwm, the OPEN LOOK window manager. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computer science from the University of Denver and a Master of Science in computer science from Brown University. Prior to joining Sun, he worked in the research division of Bear, Stearns.

Rickard Oberg
Rickard Öberg is an independent software developer, who is focused on developing enterprise Java software. He has developed 3 EJB servers, a range of related utilities, and is a frequent contributor to various Java-related forums. He recently co-authored two whitepapers, published by Sun, which compares the J2EE and MS DNA platforms. Rickard is one of the core developers of the EJBoss-project. He has a MSc. in Computer Science.

Andy Oliver
Andy Oliver has been developing Java software for over four years. Commercial projects have included an advanced interface for an online news filtering service and scalable libraries for control of internet test equipment. Andy is also the author of RumorMonger, a 100% Pure Java application which was an early peer-to-peer application for anonymous internet message exchange.

Michael Portwood Michael Portwood is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Exuberance, LLC-a company that manufactures a line of developer productivity technologies targeted at the Java development community.

Mr. Portwood holds a Masters of Science in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. His focus for over 15 years has been developing object oriented and distributed solutions for the medical, military, amusement, municipal government, and franchise industries. He is well versed in the languages of object technology including the JavaÔ programming language, Smalltalk, and Eiffel. He began working with Java technology prior to its official release, and has developed enterprise-level Java technology-based solutions using all versions of the language and its associated toolkits. He sees Java technology as the key to his vision of a future based on open distributed computing and internet/intranet technologies for the enterprise.

Mr. Portwood's Java technology expertise has been recognized internationally in the technology, business, and academic communities. He has presented Java technology topics at JavaOne 1999 and 2000, the International Conference for Java Development Spring 2001, and at Developer.au 1999, Australia's premier software development conference. Mr. Portwood presented two sessions at the 11th Annual Inprise/Borland Conference, and BorCon 2000, in Sydney Australia, and is slated to present two sessions at the 12th Annual Borland Conference. In addition, for three consecutive years, Mr. Portwood has been selected to present software solutions recognized for innovation and excellence at Sybase's International User's Conferences. Mr. Portwood's technological savvy has also been recognized in the business arena. For two consecutive years, Mr. Portwood has been invited to present technology and management topics to key industry management at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Convention Amusement Facilities Management School. Additionally, he has presented business topics at two consecutive ASP Summits in Australia, Sybase TechWave 2000, and ASPWorld.

He has developed and regularly teaches Java technology, Advanced Java technology, and Design Patterns courses to upper level undergraduate and graduate students at Louisiana State University. Topics in the Advanced Java technology class include the Java Foundation Classes API (JFC), server side Java technology, Jini, and interoperability (RMI, CORBA, etc.). In his courses, he stresses Java technology as a robust application development language, not merely a web applet development tool. Unlike many other courses, his focus is on students developing design skills, recognizing good versus bad technique, and gaining an in-depth understanding of the object oriented methodology.

Prior to forming Exuberance, Mr. Portwood created Portwood International, which provided world wide technology consulting for 6 years, and he worked at Texas Instruments for 10 years, where he pioneered the use of Smalltalk and object technology in real-time testing environments. He was a charter member of the ANSI Standards committee for Smalltalk (X3J20) from 1993 to 1996.

George Reese George Reese George Reese has taken an unusual path into business software development. After earning a B.A. in philosophy from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, George went off to Hollywood where he worked on television shows such as The People's Court and ESPN's Up Close. The L.A. riots convinced him to return to Maine, where he finally became involved with software development and the Internet. George has since specialized in the development of Internet-oriented Java enterprise systems. He is the author of Database Programming with JDBC and Java, Second Edition and Java Enterprise Architecture and coauthor of MySQL and mSQL. He created the world's first JDBC driver, the mSQL-JDBC (a.k.a Dasein Soul) driver for mSQL and is most recently involved with the creation of the peer-to-peer Open Source personal digital asset management system, xS. He currently works for Imaginet, LLC. in Minneapolis, MN. You can visit his home page at http://www.imaginary.com/~george.

Bruce Rich Bruce Rich Bruce Rich is the technical lead for the IBM/Tivoli Java Security development team. He was part of the team that designed and built the Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS), and has recently been a contributor on JSRs 72 and 74 (GSS and PKCS). He has contributed to two books, and frequently writes for IBM technical publications.

Mike Rosen
Mike Rosen is Chief Enterprise Architect of Genesis Development Corporation, an IONA Technologies' Company. At Genesis, he has been consulting in the architecture and design of enterprise component applications for global corporations in Telecom, Insurance and Finance. He is author of the recent book "Building e-business Systems and Architectures: A Manager's Guide". Mike draws on his broad depth of experience in distributed technologies including J2EE, XML, CORBA, COM, DCE, transaction processing, and messaging. Prior to Genesis, Mike has been an architect and senior contributor on several commercial ORB, OTM, and COM/CORBA bridge products. He is a frequent speaker at industry symposia and a contributor to industry journals. Mike has more than 20 years experience in distributed computing middleware and object technology.

Hitesh Seth
Hitesh Seth serves in SeraNova’s Digital Vision Labs team, as Chief Technology Evangelist for eBusiness application development. Hitesh has extensive experience in the technologies associated with Internet application development, electronic commerce, content management, enterprise application integration (with SAP R/3, Baan, Oracle applications, PeopleSoft), B2B Integration, Enterprise Information Portals and wireless/mobile application development. He has been a Lead Technical Architect/Advisor on a number of large-scale Internet Projects, where he has lead the evaluation and implementation of Internet technology platforms such as J2EE, Microsoft DNA, XML and CORBA. Hitesh co-authored the book “Special Edition Using Java Beans” published by QUE. He has also conducted numerous training programs on XML, J2EE and Enterprise Application Integration. He has also authored white papers on topics such as component architectures and enterprise application integration. Hitesh received his Bachelors Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma is the lead architect of the J2EE Connector architecture. He is a Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems.

Sean Sheedy Sean Sheedy is involved with Java, Bluetooth, WAP, and wireless data products for Nextel Communications. He developed a number of MIDlets which are shipping in Nextel's first J2ME-enabled handsets. He also developed software used to validate the performance of Nextel's packet data network.

Prior to Nextel, Mr. Sheedy worked on CDPD modems and base station projects for PCSI. He also developed wireless network radio hardware and software for Hughes Aircraft Company.

Inderjeet Singh
Inderjeet Singh is a Staff Engineer with Sun Microsystems where he architects the J2EE Blueprints program. He also designed and implemented the Web-caching and proxy-service modules of the JavaWebServer[tm] product. In another incarnation, he designed fault-tolerance software for large-scale distributed telecommunications switching systems. Inderjeet holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Washington University in Saint Louis, and a B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Mike Slinn Mike Slinn
Michael Slinn is an independent technical business strategist based in Silicon Valley with 25 years of experience as a senior manager and a software engineer. Mike focuses on server-side architecture and technical/business strategy for software vendors and corporations. Contact Mike via: www.mslinn.com

Leonard Slipp Leonard Slipp Leonard Slipp is the Product Manager for JProbe, Sitraka's family of award-winning advanced Java development tools. He is responsible for identifying market segments and opportunities within the Java development tools space, defining marketing strategies, planning product releases and promoting effective software development practices. Prior to joining Sitraka, Mr. Slipp played leading roles in the development of several applications in fields as diverse as ocean mapping and medical imaging. Over this period, he developed a keen interest in object-oriented development methodologies, application performance and effective user-interface design. Mr. Slipp holds a B.S.c. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick and an M.B.A. in Science and Technology from Queen's University.

Sue Spielman Sue Spielman has over 15 years of successful leading edge product delivery in the high technology industry. She is currently President and Senior Consulting Engineer of a successful consulting firm, Switchback Software LLC. Switchback Software specializes in large scale business and web application development and deployment using the latest in J2EE technologies. Recent projects include architecting a web-collaboration EJB system for a startup company, as well as architecting/designing and implementing a web-based ordering and fulfillment system for Sun Microsystems used by all worldwide locations. Sue is the JSP/Servlet columnist for O’Reilly’s OnJava.com and is frequently published in industry magazines including JavaPro and Devx.com. She holds a MS in Computer Information Systems from Boston University and a BS in Computer Science from SUNY at Stony Brook. You can reach her at sspielman@switchbacksoftware.com

Ken Steck Ken Steck
Ken Steck specializes in embedded systems development with a focus on the emerging Bluetooth industry. A founding member of the AnywhereYouGo.com team, he is the resident expert for Bluetooth technology. He has written articles about Bluetooth and is actively involved in research on the industry to keep the AnywhereYouGo.com community informed.Ken previously specialized in the development and implementation of real-time embedded software and device drivers for mission-critical applications for defense systems, advanced medical devices, and industrial controls. Ken has been an invited speaker at wireless embedded systems development conferences in Amsterdam, Geneva, and San Jose. He is also authoring the upcoming book "Bluetooth in a Nutshell" from O'Reilly and Associates. Education: Ken holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Purdue University.

Sean Sullivan Sean Sullivan is a senior software engineer specializing in supply chain management applications. He is an Apache Jakarta developer and has taken the lead role in the OpenAMF project, and was the top contributor to Sun's Javapedia wiki in 2005. Sullivan is the author of Programming with the Java Media Framework and his articles have been published by O'Reilly and IBM.

Mei Tian
Mei Tian is a graduate student in University of Waterloo. She received her BSc degree in computer science from Chongqing University in 1988. Her research interests include software architecture, software engineering, and database. Her current project is in E-Commerce system automation.

Stephen Uhler Stephen is currently the Principal Investigator of the ePBX project at SunLabs, which is exploring ways of integrating VOIP with traditional telephony in a corporate environment. Recently, Stephen has been the lead investigator of a variety of projects at Sun Labs, including the "Universal client", for providing enterprise applications to networked PDA's and the Brazil Web framework. Prior to that, as part of the TCL group, Stephen was the author of SpecTCL, a GUI builder for TK, the Grid geometry manager, and the TCL embedded web server. Before joining Sun, Stephen was the creator of PhoneStation, a computer telephony integration system from the last time VOIP was about to emerge as the next "Big deal" over a decade ago.

Keyton Weissinger Keyton Weissinger heads up a software development group for Radiant Systems. He leads his team’s efforts to build and support a Java/Open Source application service provider that currently supports everything from reservations to back office accounting for over 100 hotels. During his lazy moments away from the office, he is an author for O’Reilly and frequent speaker. He wrote ASP in a Nutshell and Programming JSP Custom Tags. He has spoken at O’Reilly’s Enterprise Java Conference, JavaOne, and several bus stops where he accosts those who will not run away fast enough with the news that Python is the wave of the future and Zope is its herald.

Nat Wyatt
Nat Wyatt is a 15 year veteran of the database industry. He was a co-founder of Cloudscape, the first Java ORDBMS. Cloudscape pioneered the category of the pure-Java ORDBMS with its first release in March, 1997, which is now included as the reference DBMS in Java 2 Enterprise Edition. Before Cloudscape, Mr. Wyatt worked at Sybase, Oracle, and Sequent. At Cloudscape, Mr. Wyatt defined the architecture and implemented most of the storage system of the Cloudscape DBMS. At Sybase, he defined the symmetric multiprocessing architecture for Sybase SQL Server, and wrote a large part of the kernel and access level code which implemented it. Mr. Wyatt now serves as the CTO of the Cloudscape Division of Informix Software. Mr. Wyatt received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science from Princeton University.

Michael Wynholds
Growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley, Michael Wynholds was no stranger to the high tech explosion. After graduating from UCLA with a CS degree in 1996, Mike embarked on a 3-year stint as a release engineer at Netscape Communications, just after it's epic rise to stardom and just before it's less epic fall to mediocrity. Upon leaving Netscape and after a few months of independent contracting as a Perl programmer, Mike took a software engineering position at Sparks.com, where he spent almost two years architecting and implementing a J2EE-based web application. Among foci at Sparks were writing an XML/XSLT processing engine and a servlet session clustering mechanism sitting on top of a WebLogic deployment. Currently, Mike has co-founded an enterprise software consulting firm called Carbonfive with four other Sparks emigrants, and is focusing again on J2EE and XML based systems. He has spoken at JavaOne and contributed to articles for CNET | Builder.com.

L. Umit Yalcinalp
L. Umit Yalcinalp is the co-architect of the EJB 2.0 specification and an architect in the J2EE Platform group at Sun Microsystems. She has over 10 years of industry experience is the areas in databases, application programming frameworks and OO. She has a Ph.D from Case Western Reserve University.