Web 2.0 Conference.
 Octover 5-7, 2004, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA.

Conference Coverage


IT Conversations: Web 2.0 Coverage  IT Conversations presents audio archives of the Web 2.0 Conference held October 5-7, 2004.   [IT Conversations]

Rick (Microsoft Labs), High Order Bit on Web 2.0  Microsoft has been using statistical translation too. Democritization of Science. Get data into the hands of the people.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

SF Gate: One-stop way to read news, blogs online  Many of the Internet's most plugged-in users praise RSS. At Web 2.0, a recent Internet conference in San Francisco, the acronym was omnipresent, referred to countless times on the stage and in the hallways.   [SFGate.com]

SF Gate: Power to the (wired) people  Mitch Kapor's talk at the Web 2.0 conference, where he discusses whether technology has a role in fixing our broken political system.  [SFGate.com]

New York Times: Google Envy Is Fomenting Search Wars  Internet innovations are becoming hot topics of conversations again in Silicon Valley. Web 2.0, a conference held in San Francisco this month, featured a range of new Internet start-ups and technologies.  [The New York Times]

BusinessWeek: Yahoo! Aims to Get Personal  On Oct. 7, co-founder and Chief Yahoo Jerry Yang told attendees at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco that the portal will give Web visitors more control of the information and services they get through it.   [BusinessWeek Online]

Wall St Journal: As Web Searching Improves, True Originality Seems Rarer  In a widely blogged speech at this month's Web 2.0 conference, Internet thinker Brewster Kahle pushed the idea that universal access to all human knowledge is possible, through private and public efforts.   [WSJ.com]

Newsweek: Farewell, Web 1.0! We Hardly Knew Ye  Web 1.0 was making the Net for people. Web 2.0 is making the Internet better for computers.  [MSNBC Newsweek]

Web Hosting News: Web 2.0: Marketing Success is Based on Content Partnerships  At the last weeks conference in San Francisco called "Web 2.0", Jeff Bezos, boss of e-commerce firm Amazon, described Web 2.0 as a way to make the web more useable for computers rather than people.  [HostReview.com]

ARNnet: Can Services Evolve as a Scientific Study?  More than 50 percent of IBM's revenue now comes from services and for other companies, like General Electric, the percentage is even higher, Spohrer said during a presentation at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco last week.  [ARNnet]

NewsForge: Web 2.0 Possibly the best IT business conference of 2004  In between sessions, I overheard a number of people saying this was the best IT business conference they'd attended in 2004. "It's all meat, no fluff," was a common description.  [NewsForge]

PC World: Yahoo's Yang Looks Back on 'Amazing Ride'  At the closing session of the Web 2.0 Conference, Yahoo cofounder and Chief Yahoo Jerry Yang assessed the famous Web portal's first decade. If he had the chance to do things differently, he said, "I don't think I would've taken Yahoo public so quickly."  [PCWorld.com]

BBC News: Visionaries outline web's future  Universal access to all human knowledge could be had for around $260m, a conference about the web's future has been told.  [BBC News]

Red Herring: Cuban lets loose  In the packed hallway of the Nikko Hotel in downtown San Francisco, hundreds of self-titled geeks chatted away at the first annual Web 2.0 conference as the coffee flowed as freely as talk about wikis, Internet piracy, and who works where.   [Red Herring]

ZDNet: Microsoft Surrounded?  Yesterday, at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Marc Andreessen chided Microsoft for halting development on Internet Explorer, characterizing the decision as one that opened a window of opportunity for Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's Safari to deliver a one-two punch.  [ZDNet]

CRN: Ex Sun and Oracle Execs Launch Open Source Services Startup  Two former executives from Sun and Oracle plan to launch in December an open source startup called SpikeSource designed to provide end-to-end Linux integration services.  [CRN]

internetnews.com: Search, Web Services Power The 'Next' Web   The Web is evolving from a collection of linked pages to a network of interactive applications that communicate and collaborate. That was one of the themes tossed around at this week's Web 2.0 conference.  [internetnews.com]

Fortune: Jobs -- The New Four-Letter Word   American Technology Research analyst Mark Mahaney notes that at the Web 2.0 Conference just held in San Francisco, which included presentations from Amazon.com, Ask Jeeves, eBay, Google, Microsoft, Monster Worldwide, and others, he detected a swagger to the event that reminded us of 1999 and early 2000. But he adds that he also detected a more level-headed, battle-scarred and determined attitude.  [Fortune.com]

InfoWorld: Coming to a college near you: Services science?  More than 50 percent of IBM's revenue now comes from services and for other companies, like General Electric Co., the percentage is even higher, Spohrer said during a presentation at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco this week.   [InfoWorld]

CBS MarketWatch: Net conference recalls 'lovefest' days  Many moons ago, the Net cognoscenti gathered and made proclamations or indulged in rhetoric about the future of the Internet.  [CBS MarketWatch]

Web 2.0  I thoroughly enjoyed getting caught up in the whirlwind of Web 2.0. My summary...  [Relax, Everything Is Deeply Intertwingled]

internetnews.com: Morpheus Out To Change P2P Clogs   Morpheus 4.5 NEOnet, announced at the Web 2.0 conference here this week, lets users create an ad-hoc file-sharing network.  [internetnews.com]

Web Hosting News: Web 2.0 Conference Unveils New Search Engine  During the Web 2.0 conference held on Hotel Nikko San Francisco on Tuesday, Gross unveiled search-engine Snap, which has combined terabytes of click-stream data and advertising conversions rates to remodel search-result relevancy.  [Web Hosting News]

internetnews.com: Laszlo Open Sources Rich App Tool   Laszlo Systems opened its XML application toolset and server software to the open source community, a move it hopes will foster adoption of its software among developers.  [internetnews.com]

CNET: Yes, but can your VoIP service do this?  The next battle between top Internet phone service providers Vonage and AT&T will involve features like voice mail, according to key executives at both companies.  [CNET News.com]

eWeek: Google Sets Sights on Clustering, Translation  Google Inc. on Thursday gave a preview of its next steps to improve Web search, and clustering technology played a leading role.  [eWeek]

PC World: The Web, Take 2.0  The next time you visit one of your favorite Web sites, you may be contributing to it as much as you're taking from it. That's just one of the trends speakers are discussing at this week's Web 2.0 Conference here.  [PCWorld .com]

eWeek: Yahoo Readies Ads for RSS  Yahoo Inc. wants to join the advertising market for XML syndication feeds, a top company executive said here on Wednesday, raising the prospect for a greater adoption of sponsored links within news feeds.  [eWeek]

PC World:   The success of alternative browsers such as Mozilla Foundation's Firefox may ultimately have an unexpected side effect. It may be causing Microsoft to be more aggressive in leveraging its dominance of Internet client software, says Marc Andreessen, one of the founders of the browser company that Microsoft beat out in the late 1990s, Netscape Communications.  [PCWorld.com]

Web 2.0 Photos  Photos from the Web 2.0 Conference.  [New Media Musings]

The Platform Revolution, a Panel at Web 2.0  Tim O'Reilly is leading a panel featuring: Adam Bosworth (Google), Kevin Lynch (Macromedia), John McKinley (CTO @ AOL), Halsey Minor (Grand Central Communications).   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

The Platform Revolution  This panel combines Google, Macromedia, AOL and Halsey Minor - who has a company called Grand Central. They're a web services aggregator play.   [Marc's Voice]

The Architecture of Participation, a Panel at Web 2.0  Tim is leading a panel composed of Andrew Anker, Brian Behlendorf, Bob Morgan, and Allan Vermeulen. Tim noticed that the best open source projects are architected for participation.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Architecture of Participation  How is participation different based upon what the software actually enables human to do?  [Marc's Voice]

Bill Gurley on MMOs  Legendary VC Bill Gurley gave a fantastic, biz-nerd-oriented talk about Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games today at the Web 2.0 conference -- a talk in which he laid out mindblowing stats about MMO use that have him slavering as a financier for the opportunity to throw money at these things.   [Boing Boing]

Andrew Singer (Rapport), High Order Bit at Web 2.0  Chips with thousands of processors and how they're going to change the Web. Demo of a football video and decryption.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

PC Magazine: Web Snap(s) Search and Rebounds   The Web glitterati came out for the Web 2.0 conference at San Francisco's swanky Nikko hotel this week. In attendance were Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Netscape cofounder Marc Andreessen, Bill Gross of Idealab fame, Mark Cuban of HDNet, and many more of the familiar faces that were prominent during the Web-wild 1990s.  [PC Magazine]

Audio Interviews from Web 2  Audio Interviews from the Web 2.0 Conference. These are mp3 files to download, not streaming audio.  [Larry Magid's PCAnswer.com]

Media dudes in the house  I could have an hour conversations with each of the folks up on stage right now.   [Marc's Voice]

Cory's Web 2.0 talk as MP3  I gave a talk this morning at Web 2.0 on copyright, called "Web 2.0 = AOL 1.0? How the forces of darkness are conspiring in smoke-filled rooms to criminalize the Internet and you're not invited."   [Boing Boing]

DJ Danger Mouse and others on future of music  DJ Danger Mouse, ex-Napster CEO Hank Berry, Morpehus CEO Michael Weiss and a guy from iTunes and another form a label did a great panel yesterday at Web 2.0 on the future of the music industry and the Internet.   [Boing Boing]

Rick (Microsoft Labs), High Order Bit on Web 2.0  Microsoft has been using statistical translation too. Democritization of Science. Get data into the hands of the people.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Peter Norvig (Google), High Order Bit at Web 2.0  Statistical machine translation. Looking at text in one language and using the information in another.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

The Telephone is a Platform, a Panel at Web 2.0  Panel led by Om Malik and includes Jeffrey A. Citron (Vonage), Hossein Eslambolchi (CTO of AT&T), Charlie E. Hoffman (CEO of Covad), and Mike McCue (former Netscape, now at TellMe networks).   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Mitch Kapor, High Order Bit at Web 2.0  Mitch is talking about how technology can help hear our broken political system. The system works well for some of us, but not everyone else.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Dale Dougherty (O'Reilly), High Order Bit at Web 2.0  Dale develops the Hacks series of books and wants to talk about Make Magazine and Safari U. Safari U let's professors hack or remix textbooks.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Cory heats up the stage  Cory Doctorow just gave the conference hell for a) allowing the crazy rules, laws and regulations encompassed by many of the laws being passed today, b) sitting still while Intel and others claim that "the tech industry" wants [insert any horrible idea you want here] and c) not doing more to stop it.  [Marc's Voice]

Cory Doctorow (EFF), High Order Bit at Web 2.0  Tech companies need to understand that easy copying of media on-line is not a bug to be fixed. It's a property of the Internet.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

CNET: Mark Cuban raises specter of dot-com redux  Hope and cynicism sparred to a draw on Tuesday at the glitzy opening banquet of the Web 2.0 conference here, as serial entrepreneur and reality TV show host Mark Cuban took the stage to talk about what's next for the 10-year-old Internet revolution.  [CNET News.com]

eWeek: Startup Turns Wikis into Development Platform  The co-founders of early search engine and portal Excite.com are bringing a new concept to the Web: the wiki as an application development platform.  [eWeek]

Marc Benioff at Web 2.0  Here is the Mp3 and part two. Notes to come  [The Web 2.0 Weblog]

CNET: Andreessen: IE faces one-two punch  The Web browser wars may have been reignited, according to browser pioneer Marc Andreessen. This time, it's not Andreessen's former company Netscape Communications that's taking on Microsoft's Internet Explorer; it's the emerging popularity of smaller products such as Apple Computer's Safari and open-source browser Firefox, Andreessen said.  [CNET News.com]

Financial Times: Google to introduce new features  Meanwhile, Google will reveal a series of new search initiatives of its own within a matter of weeks, said John Doerr, one of the company's non-executive directors. Speaking at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, he also denied recent speculation that Google was planning to launch its own internet browser, to compete with Microsoft's dominant Internet Explorer.   [FT.com]

Slashdot: John Doerr Disclaims Rumored GBrowser  Contrary to the rumors which have been circulating, John Doerr (VC and early investor in Google) told the Web 2.0 conference that although he believes in another browser war, Google won't be a part of it.   [Slashdot]

CNET: Carriers, handset makers vie for interface control  Wireless carriers and cell phone makers are fighting for control over the user interface on handsets, according to a key Macromedia executive.  [CNET News.com]

internetnews.com: Transparent Search a Snap  A new company launched by dotcom survivor idealab aims to take a chunk out of the search market by letting users slice and dice their search results.  [internetnews.com]

A Conversation With Marc Benioff at Web 2.0  Marc is the CEO of SalesForce.com. The quiet period was "interesting" but the IPO went quite well. They announced customer and subscriber numbers.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Cuban bypasses big media with his own blog  In his latest article on OJR, Mark Glaser has a nifty Q&A with billionaire, Dallas Mavs owner and reality TV star Mark Cuban, who's using his blog to strike back at journalists, Donald Trump and people who don't get his TV show (like Mark).  [New Media Musings]

Geolocation: The Killer Map, a Panel at Web 2.0  The panel is led by Tim O'Reilly and features John Betz, Perry Evans, Kim Fennell, and John Hanke. Tim is using the break time to talk about things necessary to build an Internet operating system.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

If you haven't seen it, it's new to you  And if you're living on Internet time, perhaps even if you have seen it. The most overused phrase at Web 2.0, aside from "at the end of the day", is some variation of "next generation" applied to software or services.   [kottke.org]

Music as a Platform, a Panel at Web 2.0  The panel is moderated by Hank Barry and includes Mike Caren, Eddy Cue, Danger Mouse, and Michael Weiss. The Induce Act is really bad. Call and complain. Music Publishing is taking off.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Music as a platform  Hank Barry former CEO of Napster (and our lawyer at MacroMind way back when) is leading a panel of music folk - each talking about their own thing.  [Marc's Voice]

Lessons Learned, Future Predicted at Web 2.0  John is leading a panel of Marc Andreessen (of Netscape fame, then Loudcloud/Opsware), Dan Rosensweig (Yahoo's COO, previously at ZDNet and CNet).   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

A Yahoo WebOS? (or Marc Andreeseen and Dan Rosensweig on fighting Microsoft.)  John Battelle is interviewing Marc Andreessen and Yahoo's COO Dan Rosensweig right now.   [The Web 2.0 Weblog]

ZDNet: Web 2.0 conference highlights  At the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Google board member and mega VC John Doerr says there are no plans for a Google brower, Amazon's Jeff Bezos praises Web services, and Idealab founder Bill Gross shows off Snap,  [ZDNet]

Web 2.0 Conference :: Ongoing Update  The Web 2.0 Conference is of, for and about the leading figures and companies driving innovation in the Internet economy.  [Search Engine Optimization News]

Day 2 of Web 2.0  It's Day 2 of the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.  [New Media Musings]

Web 2.0 and other rambles  It's nice that SparkPR was able to get Brendan a spot at Web 2.0 - speaking w/ Jerry Yang, Larry Lessig, and Mr. Craig's List.   [Main Thing]

Web 2.0 - Amazon's A9 Committed to Google?  I had a chance to chat with Jeff Bezos over a cocktail and asked him a couple of questions about A9.com.  [Search Engine News]

BusinessWeek: Do-It-Yourself Software for All?  Upstart JotSpot aims to tap the power of "wiki" software and let nonexperts become their own programmers.  [BusinessWeek Online]

Snap: The Revenge of Bill Gross  Bill Gross invented the ad model that is Google AdSense, which supports search and much of the rest of online media now. He was mocked for it at the time. Now he's back, unveiling his new search engine Snap at the Web 2.0 conference in a jaw-droppingly cool 15 minute whirlwind demo.  [Topix.net]

Cubisms  It's tough to blog at dinner (unless maybe you're at the EFF table at Digital ID World), but Mark Cuban tonight at Web 2.0 was his usual razor sharp self.   [Bag and Baggage]

Mary Meeker, High Order Bit at Web 2.0  China is what she wants to talk about. China was 4% of global GDP in 2003. But they get the Internet. China has 57 million Internet users, that's the 2nd highest in the world.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Design for Web 2.0  Jason Fried, Jeff Veen, and I did a workshop yesterday on Design for Web 2.0. In preparing for the informal chat we had among ourselves and with the audience, we prepared a list of questions to consider.  [kottke.org]

James Currier (Tickle), High Order Bit at Web 2.0  James is going to talk about what people actually do on-line. Tickle has self-assessment tests, matchmarking, social networking. Over 200 million tests taken so far (wow!).   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Dave Sifry (Technorati), High Order Bit at Web 2.0  Lots of people already know who Technorati is (show of hands). They track what's happening on the web, right Now, mostly weblogs. 4.1 million bloggers tracked.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

ZDNet: Enterprise wikis getting interesting  Ross Mayfield of SocialText has been pioneering and evangelizing the use of wikis for enterprise applications. Now he has some company. Excite.com co-founders Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer launched their new company, called JotSpot, at the Web 2.0 conference this morning.  [ZDNet]

Mobile Geeks  It feels like old timers week - with Trip Hawkins up on stage - talking about mobile gaming.  [Marc's Voice]

Scarred veterans  The best thing said on the VC panel - is that it's the scarred veterans who are rolling up their sleeves and actually sitting down to building a profitable company - rather than running towards an IPO - which is fueling the Web 2.0.  [Marc's Voice]

Is This a Bubble Yet, a Web 2.0 Panel Discussion  On the panel are Lanny Baker, William H. Janeway, Safa Rashtchy, Danny Rimer. John Battelle is moderating.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Universal access to all human knowledge is possible  Brewster Kahle (founder of the Internet Archive and one of the great heroes of the copyfight) just delivered an amazing presentation at the Web 2.0 conference, called Universal Access to All Human Knowledge.  [Boing Boing]

Web 2.0, Day One  I've got a few minutes before things get going here at Web 2.0 today, so I thought I'd wrap up what happened here yesterday.  [kottke.org]

Adult web sites = money  Andrew Corfu is explaining the mathematics of adult web sites. He's the CEO of Friendfinder - which has over 89M+ end-users (across over 20 branded sites.)  [Marc's Voice]

Andrew Conru (Friend Finder), High Order Bit at Web 2.0  Andrew is telling us how get got into this business and what we can learn from the adult industry.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Loosely joined pieces of information  Joe Kraus is showing his SocialText killer product - called Jot. They call it an application Wiki.  [Marc's Voice]

Web 2.0 Day One  Wow, what a first day. Amazing workshops, and then really fun sessions.  [John Battelle's Searchblog]

CNET: Investor doesn't see browser in Google's future  Google board member and investor John Doerr said Tuesday that despite speculation, the search giant would not enter the Web browser market, but he predicted others would. "Browsers are going to come back...We'll see a lot of innovation," said Doerr, speaking to a roomful of attendees at the Web 2.0 conference here.   [CNET News.com]

eWeek: Idealab Rethinks Web Search with Snap  Bill Gross, the man behind Overture Services and the Idealab incubator, wants to reinvent Web search. During the Web 2.0 conference here on Tuesday, Gross unveiled search-engine Snap, which has combined terabytes of click-stream data and advertising conversions rates to remodel search-result relevancy.   [eWeek]

CNET: New Snap site thinks outside the search box  Bill Gross wants to turn Web search and advertising on its ear. The Idealab founder and man behind commercial search giant Overture Services showed off his new Web search venture, Snap, on Tuesday.  [CNET News.com]

MercuryNews: New search engine aims for user control  Bill Gross is an innovator, the brains behind Overture, the commercial search engine and advertising company that eventually became a billion-dollar subsidiary of Yahoo. So when Gross says he's got a new idea or company, people listen.  [MercuryNews.com]

Web 2.0: Mark Cuban  Mark Cuban is now being interviewed. At least he admits that the first episode of his show sucked.  [BuzzMachine]

Web 2.0 on Fire at SF Nikko Hotel  If you don't think that the next generation of the Web is exciting, then you're not at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco -- the site of the Web 2.0 Conference that's underway.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

John Doerr, High Order Bit at Web 2.0  Invested in Google in 1999. John was criticized then but the bet payed off. Did he just get lucky or was he smart? John says he's nuts.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Snap: "transparent" search engine with cool features  Snap is a new search engine (just unveiled at the Web 2.0 conference, which I'm attending this week in San Francisco) that combines JavaScript-based query refining, click-stream mining, and lots of other foofaraw (including a "transparency" system that shows their revenue, number of clicks, clickthroughs, und zo weiter).   [Boing Boing]

3 dudes hanging out getting ready to spiel  The underlying notion of the Web 2.0 conference is that the Web is a Platform.  [Marc's Voice]

Gian Fulgoni, High Order Bit at Web 2.0  He's gonna run thru a ton of data, so I'll see how much I can capture here... Their data based on watching 2 million users via an opt-in service.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Web 2.0 Conference  At the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, where Jeff Jarvis is blogging the show with his typical thoroughness.  [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

Bill Gross Debuts Snap, High Order Bit at Web 2.0  Bill started Overture and is now working on something new via Idealab. He's interesting in Web search technology.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Web 2.0 Announcements  All sorts of stuff is getting announced at Web 2.0. Kim Polese will announce her new company tomorrow, Palm announced a new device, Laszlo has gone open source (more on that later!) and Halsey Minor has a new VC fund of one - which was featured in the NY Times yesterday.  [Marc's Voice]

64,000 Amazon Web Services developers  I'm here at the Web 2.0 conference listeing to Jeff Bezos talk about Amazon Web Services. He's also just announced that all the Reviews on Amazon are now available and that there are now Alexa APIs to access all of the capabilities of Alexa.  [Marc's Voice]

Jeff Bezos, High Order Bit at Web 2.0  It's Web 2.0 but it's still Day #1. Jeff is showing the first ever Amazon.com home page (Web 0.0). Search was not on the home page. No personalization. Web 1.0 (today's Amazon) is very different.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Web 2.0 Welcome: State of the Internet Industry  John and Tim are on stage. It seems we have about 600 people signed up for the conference. Wow.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Publishing 2.0 at Web 2.0 (Rojo Demo)  Chris Alden (formerly of Red Herring) is showcasing Rojo and talking about how it came to be.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Dialing on the App Tone at Web 2.0  Rich from Topix.net and Stewart from Ludicorp/Flickr are here to lead the discussion on "how the early Web OS is shaping up." Rich is summarizing his post on the Google OS. Stewart is discussing how Flickr came to be and why they decided to use Web APIs for it.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Lightweight Business Models Lightweight Business Models at Web 2.0  Jason Fried from 37 Signals is speaking first... Lots of small advice tidbits on how to design products in the new world.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Unofficial Search Blog for Web 2.0  I couldn't get John Battelle to name us the official search blog of Web 2.0, something to do with his own blog being about search. ;-) Anyway, I'll be heading out to San Fran a little later today and will be reporting in from Web 2.0 over the next three days.  [Search Engine News]

RSS and Syndication Business Strategies at Web 2.0  I'm in the RSS and Syndication Business Strategies workshop at Web 2.0. We're discussing how to slice and dice the publishing world: big business, small publishers, random people, etc.   [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

Lobby Crashing Web 2.0  This is exactly what I was talking about earlier, but now there's the weight of a power blogger behind it, Sean Bonner's "Lobby Crashing Web 2.0"  [reoriginalize]

CNET: Idealab chief stakes out new direction in search  The founder and CEO of famed venture capitalist Idealab plans to unveil a new search venture Tuesday at the first annual Web 2.0 Conference being held in San Francisco.   [CNET News.com]

At Web 2.0 Conference This Week  I'll be up at Web 2.0 in San Francisco Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week. There's some really interesting stuff on the agenda and the lineup of speakers is mind blowing (good work, John).  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

CNET: Week ahead -- Power to the penguin  In San Francisco, a star-studded cast of technology executives are slated to speak at Web 2.0, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff, Opsware Chairman and Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, and renowned tech stock analyst Mary Meeker.  [CNET News.com]

Stealth Jotting  A couple of days ago, I wrote about Jot. Jot is a company, currently in stealth mode, building a service around wikis. You can guess that much from the job posting...Jot will be going public with this at the Web 2.0 conference.  [The Silent Penguin]

Camping With The Alpha Geeks  Along with his publishing business, Tim runs some of the most interesting, thoughtful conferences out there, including the upcoming Web 2.0 conference, which I believe will take its rightful place along side PC Forum, TED and D as a must-attend event for executives, investors and entrepreneurs alike.  [VentureBlog]

Web 2.0 Workshop  Here's what I'm gonna say at the Web 2.0 workshop on Lightweight Business Models Jason Fried and I will be giving on Tues. Oct. 5th at 10:30.  [Marc's Voice]

Web 2.0 Workshops  Decisions, decisions. Which workshops would you most like to see blogged?  [Bag and Baggage]

The Web as a Platform  Really looking forward to the Web 2.0 Conference next week.   [Ross Mayfield's Weblog]

Speaking at Web 2.0  I'll be doing a workshop on Design for Web 2.0 at the Web 2.0 conference next week with Jeff Veen and Jason Fried.  [kottke.org]

Go West, Young Blogger  I have signed on to join in a workshop on RSS and to blog the entire conference at John Battelle's and O'Reilly's Web 2.0 confab in San Francisco next week.   [BuzzMachine]

Web 2.0 Coming Up  The web 2.0 conference is a week from now - and i'm looking forward to it.  [line of site]

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Strong Finish to an Exciting Event
Strong Finish to an Exciting Event Thursday marked the final day of the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. The sessions were lively to the very end, and highlights included Larry Lessig, Mitch Kapor, Peter Norvig, and Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo. It will take some time to process the information gathered during this intense week.

Search: The Current and Next Big Thing  The topic of search kept popping up in different sessions at the Web 2.0 conference. From a demo of a new search browser to a panel full of search experts to geospatial search to demos from the labs at Microsoft and Google. The sessions discussed the current state of search, what users want and expect from search tool, and what changes are on the way for personalization and customization.   [O'Reilly Network]

Technology in Focus
Technology in Focus As each session unfolds, so does a clearer image of where we are today, and the directions we should explore... Web 2.0 is making our tech world just a little easier to understand, and a whole lot more exciting.

Making the Internet Useful for Computers  Web 2.0 officially opened with "A Conversation with Jeff Bezos". Amazon.com founder Bezos presented his company's current homepage as an example of Web 1.0. The content is created by humans but the presentation for other humans is handled by machines. In contrast, "Web 2.0 is about making the internet useful for computers."   [O'Reilly Network]

Attack of the Guys in Pajamas  Rojo co-founder Christopher Alden says that the new model of publishing is built around immediacy, participation, and commonly available tools for authoring and aggregating content. In his Web 2.0 workshop "Publishing 2.0" he contrasted traditional main stream media with the blogosphere saying "People may not trust one particular blogger but they do trust the aggregate truth of the blogosphere."   [O'Reilly Network]

Stars Shine at Web 2.0 Opening
Stars Shine at Web 2.0 Opening An amazing line up of speakers -- that included Dan Gillmor, Jeff Veen, Mark Cuban, John Doerr, and Jeff Bezos -- stood in the limelight at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco and shared lessons learned from their experiences, then looked ahead to what the future of the Web might be.

Ask Jeff Bezos, Adam Bosworth, John Doerr, Eddy Cue...  The format of the conference is very conversational -- interviews with CEOs and technologists by people (like me) who want to get at the big insights behind their success. I have lots of ideas about what I want to ask these folks, but I bet you can make me even smarter, and the conference even better.   [O'Reilly Weblogs: Tim O'Reilly]

The Web As Platform -- Web 2.0 Draws Near  Time and again as I report in this space, I'm struck by how different this time round is from the late 1990s. For example, today I spoke with Jeff Weber, who runs USAToday's digital publishing efforts, and we had a robust conversation about publishing models, new and old.  [John Battelle's Searchblog]

Web 2.0 Conference Coming Up  I've been meaning to do a writeup on the big ideas behind our upcoming Web 2.0 conference, but conference chair John Battelle beat me to it. But I add a few thoughts to his detailed summary.  [O'Reilly Weblogs: Tim O'Reilly]

Web 2.0: Program Highlights, Your Input Wanted  Our theme is "Web As Platform," and we've built a program around the idea that we're in a far more robust second generation era of the web, one that has become a platform for innovation and business growth.  [John Battelle's Searchblog]

Amazon and Open Source  Amazon realized early on that amazon.com was more than just a book site, more in fact than just an e-commerce site. It was beginning to become an e-commerce platform. Open source has been a key part of the Amazon story, and although Amazon has closed code, it has created its own "architecture of participation" that may be even richer than that of many open source software development communities.  [oreilly.com]

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