The Future of Mapping and Local Search

The 2006 Where 2.0 Conference is a wrap. Over 700 developers, innovators, cartographers, and entrepreneurs came together for two very thought-provoking days. Check out all the news, photos, and presentation files on the Conference News page. For an overview of this space, read The State of Where 2.0 (pdf) by program co-chairs Brady Forrest and Nat Torkington.

Save the date for the next Where 2.0 Conference, returning to the Fairmont Hotel San Jose on May 29-30, 2007. View the 2007 Conference Website

Everything Happens Somewhere. Be there when it happens here. The Where 2.0 Conference brings together the people, projects, and issues leading the charge into the location based technological frontier. Join us to debate and discuss what's viable now, and what's lurking just below the radar. There's no better place to meet the people behind the mash-ups and platforms, and the folks looking ahead to the future of geospace.

Who and what will be featured at Where 2.0? Amazing location systems, untapped geodata, unsung projects and hardware, people who are poised to make real money--and why. High profile keynote conversations with big players, “high order bits” demoing cool startups and neat applications. We're angling for shorter talks with longer breaks so you'll have more time for one-on-one interactions.

Featured Speakers Include:

Jason Kaufman
Jason Kaufman
Ta-Da Inc.
Mikel Maron
Mikel Maron
Di-Ann Eisnor
Di-Ann Eisnor

Topics and Themes to be Discussed

The Where 2.0 conference is where the grassroots and leading edge developers building location aware technology intersect with the businesses and entrepreneurs seeking out location apps, platforms, and hardware to gain a competitive edge. Where 2.0 will feature:

Pushpin Apps - The first batch of mash-ups to turn into start-ups are the sites that let you build your own collections of places which you can then view on a Google Map. We’ll have a panel of these new pushpin apps that revolve around friends, social connections, and events, leaving room for commerce when it arises but mainly wanting their product to become part of your life.

User Data – The GIS data business has long revolved around collecting authoritative ground-truth data. The pushpin apps are gathering intangible emotional associations of place ("where I was first kissed" or "best steakhouse in New York City") that will be at the center of fascinating, robust applications that tint your sense of place with the emotional coloring of thousands of previous visitors. Grassroots projects are looking to gather the basic street map data for major cities. We'll be looking at the future of the data industry as it finds a new equilibrium with the value of user-generated data.

Standards - With diversity of platforms inevitably comes the need for standards. Both GeoRSS and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) will be at Where 2.0 to discuss the importance of GeoRSS, WFS, WMS standards as the numbers of platforms grow.

Desktop Applications - We'll see how advanced features are working their way from the GIS world to the consumer world through Google Earth and other desktop tools.

Open Source Applications - The desktop apps open the door to open source. We'll have open source projects like GDAL, GRASS, and UDIG on stage demonstrating how they are raising the bar for commercial offerings. AutoDesk open sourced its major enterprise map product and is working with the open source community to birth the Open Source Geospatial Foundation to encourage the use and development of open source geospatial tools. Interesting things will happen as the grassroots projects work together to challenge the establishment.

Location Sensing – Global Positioning Systems have long been the standard for determining location, and it'll continue to be the benchmark. But GPS has some significant obstacles, not just the specialized hardware required, but the most notable being that it doesn't work indoors. Plazes, Skyhook and others, will present how they are turning to WIFI.

Privacy and Security – With the widespread adoption of geospatial technology, there are lots of issues surrounding privacy. How trackable are you? Is this information subpoenable? Can the government packet-sniff your location from your toolbar's interactions with the Skyhook servers? We’ll have Lauren Gelman from Stanford talking to the topic, and we'll be asking the pushpin companies about their privacy strategies.

OSGeo presents:
What is Driving Open Source Adoption in GIS Today?

Date: Wednesday, June 14
Time: 12:00-1:00 pm
Location: Fairmont Hotel - Redwood Room (ballroom level)

Key members of the Open Source community invite you to a special lunch where you can participate in an open discussion about vital trends and exciting developments driving Open Source adoption in the world of GIS. Hear about the most sought after Open Source packages available today, the challenges and opportunities in working with Open Source, and the market forces fueling adoption of Open Source.All Where 2.0 attendees and press are welcome to join. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to as seating is limited.